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Eyewitness DVD

Front cover of Eyewitness DVD
Eyewitness Front Cover
Eyewitness DVD back cover
Eyewitness Back Cover

EYEWITNESSES is a 45 minute DVD (NTSC format) made by Dutch psychiatrist Boudewijn Chabot. There are five speakers, discussing various methods of self-deliverance. Three of the speakers are loved ones of people who used the method. One is a doctor who helped someone die – under the Dutch law. The fifth is an 80 year old woman describing her analysis of the three methods with pros and cons. This is an excellent, rational discussion of planning for the end of life.

You can order this DVD and donate to Hemlock through PayPal (click the donate button below) or mail a check. We suggest a $7 donation for this. Please be sure to specify your mailing address in PayPal so we can mail the DVD to you.

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