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The Helium Method DVD

Front cover of The Helium Method: dying at home with helium
The Helium Method Front Cover
The Helium Method DVD back cover
The Helium Method Back Cover


The Helium Method is a 15 minute DVD (NTSC format) made in 2011 clearly outlining the use of helium. This can only be used with UNDILUTED tanks — not those that are 80% Helium. At that time you could readily purchase helium tanks that contained 100% helium gas. Since that time helium tanks have been modified to contain 80% helium and 20% air. The DVD’s directions should NOT be used with tanks containing only 80% helium. Make sure that the helium tank is NOT diluted with air. Be sure to check the tank’s label and if it is 80% helium and 20% air, do NOT buy or use it.

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