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Held at the Sheraton Hotel, La Jolla, CA November, 2017

“A truly informative and inspiring 30th Anniversary program.”

“An enlightening, superb conference. “

“Outstanding! is the word that comes to mind to describe our experience of the conference.”

“It was just a fabulous conference. The speakers were so outstanding and the information was up-to-date and very well delivered. “

Conference Program

Slides from conference presentations:

Teressa Vaughn: Advanced Care Planning (ACP) : A Gift for your Loved Ones

Jim Sinclair, MD – Tools and Guidelines for Determining Eligibility for Hospice.
More on Hospice regulations here.

Faye Girsh, Ed.D. – DNR Order: What It Is and What It Is Not

Kathryn Tucker, J.D. –What’s Happening in the Courts in Cases Seeking to Expand End of Life Liberty?

Carolyn Shadle, Ph.D. – Seeking Aid in Dying in Switzerland: Life Circle
Faye Girsh, Ed.D. –Seeking Aid in Dying in Switzerland: Dignitas


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