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Final Exit

No one disputes that it’s against the law to take another person’s life, but is it against the law to sit with someone and watch while they commit suicide? We meet an elderly woman who sneaks around the country as…

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Why I Hope to Die at 75

Ezekiel J. Emanuel, The Atlantic, October 2014 "Americans may live longer than their parents, but they are likely to be more incapacitated. Does that sound very desirable? Not to me." Ezekiel J. Emanuel The compression of morbidity "...this theory postulates…

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How Doctors Choose to Die–NYU’s Love & Let Die symposium

A discussion about doctor's views on end-of-life treatment, which turn out to be radically different than the general public's views. Most doctors do not want to die in a hospital. Most of the general public say they want to die peacefully without being in pain; but if you ask them if they would want CPR, artificial ventilation, dialysis, etc. they paradoxically say "yes."
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Faye Girsh’s Report of the April 2011 trial of the state of Arizona vs. Dr. Larry Egbert and Frank Langsner who were being tried for providing assistance to Phoenix resident Jana Van Voorhis who died after receiving information and support from the Final Exit Network

Day 1 -- Monday, April 4, 2011 Jury selection begins this morning in the historical case of Arizona vs Dr. Larry Egbert (who was the Medical Director for the Final Exit Network) and Frank Langsner (who was an Exit Guide…

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Depression and Planned Death

by Faye Girsh, Ed.D. If you’re thinking about ending your life maybe you are depressed. Depression is a treatable condition which often leads to thoughts of dying. If you have at least five of these symptoms occurring nearly every day…

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