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The End

Burt Reynolds plays a not-too-likable guy with a terminal diagnosis. He figures it’s a good time to kill himself and tells his girlfriend, Sally Field, who reacts with indifference.

What about this? Lots of people with an illness that have a grim prognosis think about ending their lives before things get too bad. Do others care if you choose this solution? Should they?

So, our guy tries various methods and finds that it’s not so easy to do yourself in. A loonily compassionate mental patient, played by Dom DeLuise, tries to help out.

What happens when he finally has a solution? What would you do? Might you change your mind? This “black comedy” has some laughs and silliness, but — there is a serious side to this farce that we’ll save for the discussion.

Film length: 1 hr 40 min.

We invite you to join us for this free film in our Hemlock Society of San Diego Right to Die Film Series Oct. 20, 2019 at the Mission Valley Library 2123 Fenton Pkwy, San Diego, CA 92108 from 1:30pm – 3:30 pm. Ample parking! Refreshments! Stimulating discussions afterward.

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