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Right to Die Film Festival: Being Mortal

Based on the best-selling book by Dr. Atul Gawande, this documentary shows him meeting with colleagues and patients to discuss treatment choices at the end of life. Up-close and even better than the book!

See trailer on YouTube.                   more info

Cost: Free
Sponsor: The Hemlock Society of San Diego
Location: La Jolla Library, 7555 Draper Ave, La Jolla, CA 92037

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February 21
1-4 pm


Film: How to Die in Oregon

Movie starts 1:30-1:35 pm - discussion before and after.

Cost: Free
Sponsor: The Hemlock Society of San Diego
Location: Mission Valley Library 2123 Fenton Pkwy, San Diego, CA 92108

San Diego Coaliation

February 24


Advance Health Care Planning Assistance

At any age, a medical crisis can leave one too ill to express his or her healthcare wishes, making it difficult for family, friends and healthcare providers to know what best to do in difficult and possibly irreversible situations.
A written Advance Health Care Directive (AHCD) allows a person to express ones preferences in such situations and allows the individual to designate a family member or friend to make medical decisions if one is incapacitated and unable to do so.

Space is limited. Please register by Feb. 22, sdcoalition@yahoo.com

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Cost: Free
Sponsor: San Diego County Coalition for Improving End of Life Care
Location: Pacific Beach – Taylor Public Library 4275 Cass St, San Diego


View video of our Nov., 2015 Hemlock Society Meeting, below, or on YouTube.com
Implementing the End-of-Life Options LAW

There were two main topics: HOW DOES IT WORK IN OREGON? George Eighmey, lawyer, former legislator and director of the Oregon Compassion & Choices program for the first 12 years of its existence discussed how doctors are recruited, family involvement, the role of volunteers, hospice’s attitude, and the now exorbitant price of medications. George is Vice Ppresident of DDNC (Death with Dignity National Center) 

WHAT WILL HOSPICE DO UNDER THE LAW? Dr. Glenn Panzer is Chief Medical Officer of Elizabeth Hospice with which he has been associated for 13 years. He specializes in geriatric medicine and palliative care. He discussed what he sees as the hospice role in the new law.

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ethics report

More Information on Life, Death and Pain from the Medscape Ethics Report

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An assisted dying law would not result in more people dying, but in fewer people suffering.
-Campaign for Dignity in Dying

Registering Advance Health Care Directive (AHCD) with CA Secretary of State

 For a small fee, you can register your AHCD with the Secretary of State's Office to ensure that, wherever you may be, your health provider will have access to it. When you register, you have the option of providing a PDF (that an officially identified health provider can then download) or indicate its location.

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