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Voluntary Assisted Dying Clinics in Switzerland

Application forms are available on their websites. 


P.O. Box 17
8127 Forch
Telephone:   +41 43 366 10 70
Fax:   +41 43 366 10 79


Pegasos Swiss Association


Online contact:


Association Life Circle
Association lifecircle
Fichtlirain 16
4105 Biel-Benken

In Switzerland, assisted voluntary deaths are about 1% of deaths, with people 65 years and older having the highest rates of assisted deaths. The Swiss legal framework permits right-to-die societies to assess and decide on the acceptability of a request, without restrictions regarding the source of suffering. The requestor must have decisional capacity and be able to perform the fatal act oneself. Additionally, other persons implicated in this process should have no selfish motive.

Since 2014, right-to-die organizations in Switzerland have considered requests for assisted suicide in cases of unbearable suffering or age-related changes, even in the absence of terminal illness.

Dignitas and LifeCircle  require that you send them your medical records. The process from application to acceptance can take 3-4 months. To travel to Switzerland for an assisted death ends up costing approximately $10,000 when you take into account travel costs.

You  may wish to watch this video interview with HSSD board member Christie Golemb, who took her mother to Pegasos in 2021. A Visit to Pegasos

View our 30th Anniversary conference (2017) presentation on LifeCircle. and Dignitas.

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