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We always need people to greet guests at our free public meetings. We also need people to make phone calls, write letters, help with special events, and operate audio-visual equipment.

We Love to Hear From You

We are always interested in hearing your views. Please let us know:

  • what you think about our programs
  • ideas you have for new programs
  • new directions you think we should be pursuing
  • your personal experiences with end-of-life issues
  • the responses of your medical providers when you ask about the End-of-Life Option Act


We rely entirely on individual donors to spread the word about all end-of-life options. Any amount you can contribute will be greatly appreciated.

Join Faye’s Legacy Circle

Faye's Legacy CircleNow you have an opportunity to join with us to honor our Founder, Faye Girsh, and contribute to ongoing opportunities to educate the public about end-of-life choices. Our mission is more relevant today than ever. Members of Faye’s Legacy Circle will help us continue our mission, as well as support other organizations that share our goals.

For over thirty-five years Faye Girsh has been one of the leaders at the forefront of the global right-to-die movement locally, nationally and globally.

In 1987, Faye started the San Diego chapter of the Hemlock Society USA. Faye took over Derek Humphry’s job of President of Hemlock Society USA in 1996. In 2004 Faye started the Caring Friends Program, the precursor to the Final Exit Network, which allows people to have a peaceful death with friends and family close by, and a departure from the Oregon medical aid in dying model.

Faye continues to be outraged that people die painful, demeaning deaths where they lose control, dignity and choice.

To this end, HSSD must continue to educate the public (our members) about all options available to secure a peaceful death. Because this is a worldwide movement, HSSD aims to bring new developments and ideas to our forums and  hear from people about their end of life problems and solutions.

Despite the advancements gained over these long years of striving, Faye desires better options for people who have no easy choices for a good death – those in chronic pain, those with dementia, and those who feel they have lived a completed life but have no terminal illness. There is still so much work to do and funding Faye’s Legacy Circle can help bring her vision to fruition.

Faye is still persists as a tireless advocate of personal choice at end of life. She maintains leadership and advisory roles in several (right-to-die) organizations, including the Hemlock Society of San Diego, the only remaining group with Hemlock in the name.

The Hemlock Society of San Diego is funded by private donations and membership fees. Your generosity and foresight in the form of a legacy gift will enable us to continue and expand our work with future generations to educate and advocate for them to have all end-of-life choices.

Faye’s Legacy Circle will honor those whose valuable support is so important to the vision of the Hemlock Society of San Diego. Members will receive special invitations, advocacy updates, and and our bi-monthly newsletters.

Accept our invitation to join with us in Faye’s Legacy Circle by contacting:
619-233-4418 or

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To include us in your estate plan, or to leave a bequest, our legal name is:
Our EIN number is: 33-0467982
We are a certified 501(c)(3), California not for profit educational organization.
Contact us if you or your lawyer has any question.