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Making someone die in a way that others approve, but he believes a horrifying contradiction of his life, is a devastating, odious form of tyranny.
-Ronald Dworkin (1931-2013), QC Emeritus Professor, University College London

“We want autonomy for ourselves and safety for those we love.”
-a friend tells author  Atul Gawande

“By the standards of today, the main purpose of human life is to eliminate all risk so that human life will last as long as humanly possible, no matter how tedious it gets.”
-Dave Barry

An assisted dying law would not result in more people dying, but in fewer people suffering.
-Campaign for Dignity in Dying

Assisted dying should never be a requirement, but it should always be a legal and moral option. The decision to end one’s life needs to be faced openly, honestly, freely and in consultation with our loved ones, our doctors, and our spiritual advisors. When the decision on assisted dying is made this way, I am convinced that it is a life-affirming moral choice.
-The Rt. Rev. John Shelby Spong, Episcopal bishop, speaking at a 2003
Hemlock Society national conference


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Sean Davison with his wife and 1 of his 3 children after sentencing in South Africa.

Click to see video of Sean talking about euthanasia.

Right to Die Activist Sean Davison avoided prison by pleading guilty to 3 charges of murder brought against him by South African authorities for the mercy killings of 3 men at their request.

He faced 3 life prison sentences. He was sentenced to 8 years. His sentence was wholly suspended but he is now under house arrest for a period of 3 years. He is allowed to work, attend medical appointments and attend religious functions.

The court noted compelling circumstances to deviate from sending the dad of three to jail, noting that the defense did not put the families through the trauma of being witnesses. The families wrote letters of support for Sean to the court, indicating that they did not believe he should be prosecuted.

To contribute to Sean Davison’s Defense Fund, click the donate button below, or mail a check to HSSD PO Box 34237 San Diego, CA 92163

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