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Sarah Weinstein, Executive Director

Sarah Weinstein was hired as our Executive Director in October of 2023. She brings a wealth of experience spanning the fields of education, conflict studies, public diplomacy, immigration, artificial intelligence, and medical technology. She believes in the importance of human dignity and the need to guarantee individual freedoms. She’s worked to improve lives and build better communities, while a Peace Corps Volunteer teaching English in China, a graduate student studying gender issues in the US military, an immigration officer adjudicating applications for immigration benefits, and most recently as the Chief Operating Officer of a startup driven to improve access to medical care. She’s no stranger to working on tough issues, at the individual, policy, and systemic levels.

Read her introduction letter here to learn more about Sarah.

Pam Impson, Administrative Assistant

Pam Impson joined the team in January of 2021. She is an administrative wiz, with extensive experience from a long career as an Executive Assistant at large companies. She is passionate about the work Hemlock Society of San Diego does to empower and champion people in the most vulnerable conditions to exercise their right to a chosen exit from a live of extreme physical and existential suffering. Pam first became aware of the right to die movement in 1983 while living in Riverside, California. A young woman with cerebral palsy, Elizabeth Bouvia, checked herself into a local hospital wanting to die by VSED with medical support. The case made national headlines when the hospital won the right to hold her down and force feed her through a nasogastric tube. To Pam, it seemed morally wrong to violate Elizabeth Bouvia’s autonomy over the life of misery she no longer wanted to live.