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Medical Aid in Dying (MAiD), also known as death with dignity, assisted dying, physician-assisted dying (PAD), hastened death, assisted suicide, rational suicide, dignicide or even legally assisted death (LAD) is supported by 76% of Americans, according to a Gallup poll.

  • Patient Rights Eroded as Pendulum Swings to More Rights for Institutions April 23, 2020

    This important discussion highlights the ways in which faith-based institutions impose religious value based treatment decisions on doctors and patients. Most often, patients enter faith-based institutions without any idea that the institution is bound by Ethical Rights Directives which can prohibit participation in Medical Aid in Dying and other procedures the institution ...

  • First Conference on Clinician Training for Medical Aid in Dying February 25, 2020

    The conference was held in Berkeley, CA on 2/13-15/2020.   Some things discussed: Drug protocols Dr. Shavelson, in conjunction with anesthesiologist Carol Parrot, have researched why some people – ‘outliers’ take so long to die. They have developed a list of “red-flags” that indicate a death may take longer than normal.  They no longer give estimates of time ...

  • Canadian Medical Assistance in Dying: Dr Ellen Wiebe January 22, 2020

    A Friends at the End talk by Dr Ellen Wiebe, a Medical Aid in Dying (MAiD) provider from Canada. Dr. Wiebe talks about the criteria for physician aid in dying in Canada and tells us about some of her patients, including some patients with dementia. At 18:00 she notes that ...

  • How to Die in California September 22, 2019

    How to Die in California - expert speakers addressed the fundamentals of hospice, medical aid in dying, the Final Exit Network, and other exit options. The program begins with a compelling documentary of Expert speakers addressed the fundamentals of hospice, medical aid in dying, the Final Exit Network, and other exit options. The program begins with a compelling documentary of a 75 year old San Francisco resident using California's End of Life Option Act.

  • 2018 Statistics – California’s End of Life Option Act July 10, 2019

    The 2019 Annual Report is now out For 2018 337 California individuals died from ingestion of aid-in-dying drugs, a rate of 12.6 per 10,000 deaths based on 268,4743 deaths to California residents in 2018. 23 of those received their prescriptions in 2017. Compare with the Canadian Medical Aid in Dying system – which allows physician administered drugs: For ...

  • Philip Nitschke Makes the Point that Rational Suicide should be a right July 1, 2019

    Philip Nitschke makes the point that it is an illusion that patients have choice in Medical Aid in Dying. It is the doctor who decides and no one else. The right the patient has is simply to ask the doctor for permission. Nitschke describes the medical model process as “beg and grovel” ...

  • What It’s Like To Prescribe Aid-In-Dying Drugs May 15, 2019

    By Ryan Warner, Colorado Matters Podcast. May 1, 2019 A Colorado physician talks about medical aid in dying in Colorado. As he notes, you must ask about aid in dying. It is almost universal in the states that allow it that no one will offer this as an option; you must ask for it. Listen to the ...

  • John L’Heureux on Death and Dignity April 29, 2019

    Writer John L’Heureux describes coming down with Parkinsons, and his decision to use California's End of Life Option Act to end his life.

  • You are in the Process of Dying March 25, 2019

    by Dan Ayre – – March 25, 2019 A husband relates the story of his wife’s experience with Medical Aid in Dying (MAID) in Manitoba, Canada. In Canada, different provinces handle MAID differently. Two things stand out: 1. In Manitoba, a doctor, a social worker and a nurse, under the Winnipeg Health Authority, ...

  • California’s Right-To-Die Law Still Has Some Kinks, Hearing Finds March 22, 2019

    By Sammy Caiola – capitol pubic radio – January 29, 2018 “Barbara Koenig, head of bioethics at the UC San Francisco, said bureaucracy can sometimes keep patients from exercising choice at life’s end. It’s a timing problem. If their disease progresses before they’re able to use the law, they may become too debilitated to qualify.” Read ...

  • Belgian Catholic psychiatric hospitals ‘adjust’ their view of euthanasia March 21, 2019

    Belgian Catholic Brothers of Charity will allow euthanasia to take place in their psychiatric hospitals. “We take seriously unbearable and hopeless suffering and patients’ request for euthanasia."

  • The Doctors Who Invented a New Way to Help People Die March 21, 2019

    Excellent overview of how the drug formulas under Death with Dignity Laws came about. by Jennie Dear, The Atlantic, Jan 22, 2019

  • Lecretia Seales’ widower makes his case for death with dignity March 20, 2019

    by Matt Vickers – North & South, March 20, 2019 In Switzerland, providing the means for a person to take their own life is legal if done from non-selfish motives. ‘“Giving access to assisted dying is, in fact, suicide prevention and suicide-attempt prevention.” In Seales v Attorney General, this was upheld by Justice David Collins, based on ...

  • Canadian with bone cancer chooses assisted dying January 22, 2019

    This video features Dr. Stefanie Green, co-founder and current President of the Canadian Association of MAID Assessors and Providers (CAMAP). Stefanie is medical advisor to the BC Ministry of Health medical aid in dying oversight committee and moderator of CAMAP’s national online forum. She is clinical faculty at UBC and UVic.

  • Why California Must Still Fight For Death With Dignity December 13, 2018

    President of the Hemlock Society, Barry Price, Ph.D., makes a good case for why the medical aid in dying law should be expanded.

  • As Catholic Hospitals Expand, So Do Limits on Some Procedures August 10, 2018

    By Katie Hafner – New York Times. Aug. 10, 2018 “One in six hospital patients in the United States is now treated in a Catholic facility, according to the Catholic Health Association, a membership organization that includes 90 percent of the Catholic hospitals in the United States. In a 2016 report, MergerWatch, a nonprofit group in ...

  • What We Know About The People Who Have Used California’s Assisted Suicide Law June 25, 2018

    By Michelle Faust – laist June 25, 2018 “Dr. David Wallenstein, a palliative care doctor at UCLA Medical Center, said, “my impression is that people who tend to think in terms of aid-in-dying medications probably are people who really need — for whatever reason — to feel a sense of control.” Many of those who ...

  • Maia Calloway. From the Dying in the Americas Conference – March 22-24, 2018 March 22, 2018

    Sponsor: Final Exit Network A Colorado woman with progressive multiple sclerosis turns to Life Circle in Switzerland to end her life with peace and dignity.

  • I’m a doctor. Here’s what it’s like helping terminally ill patients end their lives September 21, 2017

    By Catherine Sonquist Forest – Vox, Sep 21, 2017 “Aid in dying has been legal in California for a year now. Many of my patients have been waiting for this.” Read More

  • Why few California doctors are assisting deaths for terminally ill September 22, 2016

    By Tracy Seipel – Bay Area News Group September 2016 “It’s a scene being played out throughout California, as scores of terminally ill patients are learning to their dismay — and outrage — that the state’s new aid-in-dying law comes with no guarantee of finding a doctor.” Read More

  • What I Learned Helping My Sister Use California’s New Law to End Her Life August 6, 2016

    First woman to take advantage of California’s End of Life Option Act ? Opinion Piece by Kelly Davis – Voice of San Diego, August 9, 2016 Woman describes the experience of her sister, who had ALS, taking advantage of the End of Life Option Act shortly after it became available.

  • How to Die in OregonHow to Die in Oregon June 22, 2014

    Award Winning Documentary – including 2011 Sundance Film Festival U.S. Documentary Grand Jury Award This exceptional film documents how physician aid in dying works in Oregon by following a woman with liver cancer over the months following her diagnosis. There are interviews with various players, including a man with lung cancer, smoking a cigarette, ...

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