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Canadian Medical Assistance in Dying: Dr Ellen Wiebe

A Friends at the End talk by Dr Ellen Wiebe, a Medical Aid in Dying (MAiD) provider from Canada. Dr. Wiebe talks about the criteria for physician aid in dying in Canada and tells us about some of her patients, including some patients with dementia. At 18:00 she notes that Canadian law gives the patient the option of oral ingestion of a (bitter) drug or a physician-administered IV. Physician-administered IV is not permitted in any U.S. state that has a medical aid in dying law.

Click here to watch the video about Canadian Medical Aid in Dying.

See also the Hemlock Nov. 17, 2019 program with Dr. Stefanie Green, another Medical Aid in Dying (MAiD) provider from Canada.

Note that one needs to be eligible for Canadian healthcare to be eligible for this option.  If you as a U.S. citizen would like to have this option for yourself, consider writing your state and federal representatives.

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  1. I contacted Dr.Ellen and asked about euthanasia and would need to be a Canadian citizen to get aid in dying.

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