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How to Die in Oregon

Award Winning Documentary – including 2011 Sundance Film Festival U.S. Documentary Grand Jury Award

This exceptional film documents how physician aid in dying works in Oregon by following a woman with liver cancer over the months following her diagnosis. There are interviews with various players, including a man with lung cancer, smoking a cigarette, and raging that the insurance company does not want to pay for further chemotherapy.

“…”How to Die in Oregon” truly is a film that everyone (even and perhaps especially younger viewers, with parental supervision) should see, ponder, and openly discuss. ”
“My father’s death was natural, and his decline was not unduly prolonged by extensive (and expensive) palliative care. My mother died naturally, too, but ever since her death I have held firmly to the conviction that she should have died sooner — perhaps as much as two months earlier — and I think she might’ve found that option appealing.”
“I know these comments will be hotly opposed in some religious, political and even disability-related circles, but it’s for that very reason that “How to Die in Oregon” will likely be viewed, in retrospect, as one of the most historically significant documentaries of this still-young decade. ”
-Quotes from Jeff Shannon Review of How to Die in Oregon

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