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John L’Heureux on Death and Dignity

The New Yorker – April 29, 2019

Writer John L’Heureux, in a long but well-written article describes coming down with Parkinsons, and his decision to use California’s End of Life Option Act to end his life.
He describes “making his case” to his doctor: “I reviewed for him my progress—I liked the irony of the term—from my half-assed stumbling walk to reliance on a cane, and then that sobering moment when I was forced to use a walker. That was where I was now. Next would come the wheelchair, and, as my legs gave out completely, there would stretch ahead of me the long loneliness of life in bed. Unable any longer to write, I would nevertheless continue to exist, very likely with some form of dementia, not knowing who I was or who Joan was or why this nightmare had no end.”

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