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The Father of the Right to Die Movement, Derek Humphry, Discusses With Faye Girsh How it Began

Derek Humphry discusses the real world events behind his 1978 book Jean’s Way. The book describes how he helped his cancer-riddled terminally-ill wife with her request to end her life, in England.
The book has been published in six different languages. It started a world-wide conversation and led to the creation of the Hemlock Society and the publication of the book Final Exit. Final Exit was on the non-fiction best seller list for 18 weeks 1991, has been published in 12 languages and continues (third edition) to sell steadily today.
Faye and Derek discuss the history of Hemlock’s attempts to change the law, Janet Atkins and Jack Kevorkian, The World Right to Die Societies and Faye’s creation of The Caring Friends.

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