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San Diego County Hospices and The End-of-Life Option Act
By Pat Fisher

Are Hospices Cooperating with the SB380 Requirement to Post their End-of-Life Option Act (EOLOA) policy on their website? Most are not.

Hospices do not always give a patient clear or accurate information about Medical Aid in Dying (MAID). For example, in a well-documented case, a 27-year-old terminally ill Californian, Chris Davis, was first told by a hospice that MAID wasn’t available in CA. Then he was told it is only available in Northern CA.

To learn more about this issue, HSSD has surveyed hospice websites to determine if they are in compliance with the website transparency requirement in SB380. To our dismay, we discovered that as of June 2023, 45 San Diego County hospices did not mention the EOLOA or MAID on their website. We have sent letters advising those noncompliant hospices of the new SB380 requirement and enclosing a best practices checklist created by the American Clinicians Academy on Medical Aid in Dying.