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Dying in America is an expensive business! For those over 65, most purely medical costs will be paid by Medicare. For many of us, a much larger out-of-pocket expense will be for home care and home health care, especially if the illness requires 24/7 assistance with skilled nursing. Moving to various forms of assisted living increases the cost further, and if we end up opting for memory care or a skilled nursing facility, the price tag goes even higher.

Our panel of experts:

Carrie McClellan, Outreach Manager for ELDERHELP, an expert on strategies to “age-in-place” in your own home with assistance from relatives, friends, and community support agencies, thereby avoiding the cost and loss of control of going into a nursing home.

Sandy Lieberman, Founder of SeniorSource San Diego, LLC and a Senior Living Consultant will speak on residential living options when we can no longer live in our own home.

Hunt Kooiker, MD, MPH, Chair of the Medical Advisory Committee of HSSD, will talk about medical futility and our options to decline expensive, disruptive end-of-life care and the option to “exit early” if the suffering and loss of autonomy become unbearable.