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Nov 20, 2016- Hemlock Society of San Diego Meeting

Dr. Mitsuo Tomita
Dr. Mitsuo Tomita

Speaker: Mitsuo Tomita, M.D. Mits is long-time member of the Hemlock Society of San Diego and a physician retired from Kaiser . Dr. Tomita shared with us some of the findings from the first (as far as we know) conference ever held on VSED (vee-sed). It was mentioned in the talk that VSED can sometimes be faster (usually 6-13 days) than using the law when you consider the time spent trying to find willing doctors and waiting the required waiting times.

We apologize that the video of this talk is not available due to technical issues. Click this link to see a .pdf file of the VSED slide presentation.
Here are a few websites related to VSED: Thaddeus Pope’s page with court case links.

Phyllis Shachter’s husband used VSED. She has a excellent website on choice in dying.