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Sept. 17, 2017 – Hemlock Society of San Diego Meeting

We learned about options for using your body for good after you die, including tissue and organ donation, as well as body donation to universities for use by medical students to practice operations. Also discussed were ways to save money on funeral costs and the many ways ashes from cremation can be incorporated into everyday items, including jewelry and even paint.
John Nugent, 
President, San Diego Memorial Society. Introduced by Angel Kearney, Lifesahring Outreach Coordinator
Scott Barton
, Director, Anatomical Services, UC San Diego School of Medicine-Division of Medical Education
Keith Larson, Director of Tissue Outreach – UC San Diego Lifesharing, Organ and Tissue Donation Organization
Deanne M. Rugani-Osuna, Funeral Director and Embalmer for Service Corporation International/Dignity.