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Dr. Lew Cohen, professor of psychiatry at the University of Massachusetts Medical School and palliative medicine researcher reads from his latest book with help from audience volunteers. Readings are from the first chapter which describes the planned voluntary double suicide of Admiral Chester Nimitz Jr. and his wife Joan. When they had lost their independence and had had enough with the various medical conditions that, despite good medical care, continued to worsen, Admiral Nimitz meticulously planned the suicide and, with the knowledge of various family members, carried it out in 2002.

Quotes about Dr. Cohen’s book:

Dr. Cohen does not hide his beliefs and opinions. He also does not shy away from the complexity of the issue – he interviews leading disability rights activists and challenges leaders of the aid in dying movement. His book is filled with narratives of the people and family, doctors and activist who have defined this movement.
the hosts of GeriPal, a podcast for geriatricians and palliative medicine practitioners.

Rather than rehearse familiar arguments, Cohen’s vivid prose tells stories without shying away from missteps and conflicts. The most striking stories are of persons who chose to end their lives with the help of family, friends, and volunteers.
Tom Murray, President Emeritus of The Hastings Center, the leading bioethics foundation in the US.

Setting aside that I’m mentioned in this book, this is an authoritative, sensitive, well-written account of the modern right-to-die movement. [It is an] in-depth investigation, yet a pleasure to read because of the human touch.
Derek Humphry, founder of the Hemlock Society and author of the bestseller, Final Exit, which has been translated into 12 languages.