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Sisters Marge Wurgel and Loretta Solsberry relate the experience of their Mom’s sudden diagnosis of metastasized cancer and her decision to take control and end her life on her own terms. almost perfect death

– -Marge Wurgel

Laurie Schmid talks about her mother’s death in the care center of a retirement home using the End of Life Option Act with her long-term primary care doctor and friend Faye Girsh in attendance.

Lynda Engle talks about her husband’s struggle with cancer, how he qualified and received the end-of-life drug, had a much improved quality of life once he gave up treatment and entered hospice, but in the end became unable to use the drug due to his mental condition.

Preparations for death: “It’s never too early to get started.”

-Lynda Engle

Schnack Judith, MSN, RN, FNP from End of Life Choices, CA told us how this new organization provides volunteers to help individuals navigate the process, mix the drugs so your family does not have to, and be present during ingestion if desired. She advises that the time to make your end of life plans are before a health problem develops. If you believe you may want to take advantage of the End of Life Option Act, you must ASK for it; most medical professionals will not present this as an option.

“Do everything early … if you haven’t done your paperwork, if you haven’t talked to your family, if you haven’t talked to your doctor, do it tomorrow.”

– Judy Schnack, MSN, RN, FNP