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State Right-to-Die Statutes

Death with Dignity is a national leader in end-of-life advocacy and policy reform.  Their website provides an interactive map of the U.S. with current information on their RTD laws and the status of pending legislation.  Click Here for State Statues

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  1. Unfortunately, as of 10/3/23 North Carolina does not have a Medical
    Aid in Dying (MAiD) law. If you’d like to support having a MAiD law
    in North Carolina, you can sign up here:

    Your options are:
    -Refusal of curative medical treatment and insistence on “comfort care
    only” (palliative care).
    -Hospice (which is the same as the above, but you must be terminally
    ill with six month or less to live). Hospice benefit is paid by
    -North Carolina has Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment (MOST)
    Forms. These forms are not valid unless signed by your doctor and
    you. These medical order forms should be (but sometimes are not)
    followed by medical professionals.
    You can designate Do Not Resuscitate, limited interventions or comfort
    care only. See this North Carolina MOST explanation:
    A sample form is here:
    -You should additionally have an Advance Directive naming a person to
    speak for you (agent or proxy) should you become incapacitated. That
    person should have a thorough understanding of your end-of-life wishes
    and be willing to carry out your wishes even if they do not agree with
    them. A good agent is someone who has the skill to be a strong
    advocate for your wishes, sometimes in the face of pressure from
    authority figures. Family members are not always the best choice.
    You may also want a supplemental directive for dementia to add to your
    directive. These dementia supplements have not yet been tested in a
    court of law.
    -Voluntarily Stopping Eating and Drinking. You will die by
    dehydration. This is a legal option throughout the U.S.
    One dies by dehydration, not starvation.
    Some hospices will support this option. You will certainly need
    24-hour care with this option. Comfort drugs are highly recommended.
    -Travel to a state that permits MAiD, gain residency and request MAiD.
    Currently only 2 states allow this: Oregon and Vermont. For every
    U.S. state that has a MAiD law you must be diagnosed with a terminal
    illness with 6 month or less to live ( two doctors must certify), be
    mentally competent, and be 18 years or older.
    -Final Exit Network (FEN). FEN will provide free, in-person education
    on achieving a peaceful death for those who qualify. A terminal
    condition is not required, but intolerable medical circumstances are
    One must be mentally competent, submit their medical records and be
    approved by FEN before the education can take place. Additionally,
    you must be capable of obtaining and assembling equipment on your own
    (Suicide is not a crime, but assisting a suicide is a crime in most
    states). FEN cannot help with any physical acts; only with education.
    -Swiss Clinic. There are several Swiss clinics – Pegasos, Dignitas
    that accept foreigners. It will cost somewhere around $10,000. You
    must apply and submit your medical records. They do accept dementia
    patients in the early stages. You must answer questions to determine
    you are aware of what you are doing and the consequences.

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