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The Facts About Nitrogen Hypoxia by Dr. Philip Nitschke

After the botched execution by Nitrogen gas in Alabama, please read this article by Dr. Philip Nitschke, co-author of The Peaceful Pill Handbook, to learn what Alabama got wrong and how the press is misreporting it. “Nitrogen is an inert gas and makes up around 80% of the air we breathe. A hypoxic death is not suffocation; there is no physical blocking of the airways. There is no analogy to holding a pillow over one’s face to cause death. Mechanically blocking the airway is a terrifying death, but allowing the free flow of a gas into the lungs, but with no oxygen causes a gentle ‘hypoxic’ (low oxygen) death. Furthermore, nitrogen gas does not cause suffocation. When done in the way that has been tried and tested or over 20 years within the assisted suicide movement, nitrogen hypoxia can provide a most peaceful and reliable elective death.”   Click here to read full article